Q: Can I add more decorations on the day of installation?
A: Yes, you can definitely ask our team for more decorations. Be aware that you will be charged for material and additional labor of whatever you add. Our team will let you know what the additional charge will be before adding anything. the balance is due on the day of installation.

Q: Can I buy a timer from your installation team and will they set it up for me?
A: We do have timers for purchase and our team will set it up on the day of installation. However, be aware that we do note return to fix any problems with timers. Here is a link to a video that explains exactly how to set or reset your timer.

Q: Is the price of take down included in my original estimate?
A: yes, the prices include installation, material and take down. You will automatically be added to the take down schedule which starts in the beginning of January and generally takes about two weeks.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for my decorations to be taken down?
A: No, you don’t need to do anything. We create a calendar based on locations and take everything down as quickly and efficiently as possible. Be aware that if it rains or snows, we can not work.

Q: Can I use my own material?
A: Yes, you can provide your own material but B&R Christmas Decorators is not responsible for any outages or problems with your lights.

Q: Can I buy special figures from B&R Christmas Decorators?
A: We offer a variety of Christmas decorations and would be happy o help you find unique pieces to make your home beautiful.

Q: Do you decorate businesses?
A: Yes, we decorate both residential and commercial spaces. Send us an email for a free estimate today.